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Field peas are native to Europe, northern Africa and western Asia. The Austrian winter pea (Pisum sativum spp arvense) is a fall-seeded pea introduced from Austria to the Pacific Northwest in the 1930s.

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Perennial. Rhizomes produce a dense sod. Grows 1 to 3 feet tall. Major uses are pasture, limited use for hay. High nutritive value. Seed are planted at 10 to 15 lb/A in August-September, or sometimes in February-March.

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Grass Brome peak 50 lbDeveloped specifically for persistence and yield, this bromegrass features superior vigor, good winterhardiness, foliage disease resistance and excellent seed quality. Growing 20 to 40 inches tall, Peak Smooth Bromegrass produces higher dry matter yields, recovers quickly after cutting, and is highly palatable to livestock.

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Ladino clover is a giant form of white clover. It is a rapidly-growing perennial, which spreads with prostrate stolons.

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Small package of improved variety of alfalfa seed. Preinoculated and with a color added to ease in spreading. A 3 lb bag will cover a 5000 square foot area.

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